One of many stories this year…

Communicycle has been busier than ever this Spring – more bikes earned, more bikes donated, more contacts with people in Aliquippa, and from churches near and not so near!

Sharing just one (of many) recent stories. A family in Plan 12 saw our Bike Repair sign in the park on Main St on Saturday, and a boy took his bike over. The sign was left there from Thursday – the Fire Dept moves it for us each week, but they had a structure fire in Plan 11 later Thursday night and hadn’t gotten it moved.

But – although we weren’t there, Scott and Sue Branderhorst did have a church mission group from Ohio doing youth outreach activities in the park that day. The boy was welcomed to join them. During the visit, they looked at the bike but couldn’t fix the bent rim. One of the Ohio group called our voice mail, explained the situation, and gave the boy his phone to leave contact info.

I picked up the voice mail a while later, and was going to be on Main St later that evening, so I called the family and arranged to stop by. A half hour or so on the repair stand at home and it was fixed, and I dropped it back off after church on Sunday. We talked for a few minutes, and it was nice to watch him move his bike up the steps into his house where he keeps it.

The family experienced that our churches are alive and active in Aliquippa. And everyone that helps form Communicycle – the individual churches, the fire department, and those who have donated so we can have the right tools – have all made these community connections possible.